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Susan Rigdon


I am a political scientist whose affiliation with the UIUC Department of Anthropology stems from my 30-year collaboration with Ruth Maslow Lewis (1916-2008) and as executor of the Oscar and Ruth Maslow Lewis Papers. (Serial Record 15/2/20 in the University of Illinois Archives).  



Research Interests

Poverty and Development; Culture Change in Revolutionary Systems; Culture and Politics




  • Ph.D., October, 1971 - Comparative Government/International Relations
  • M.A., February, 1967
  • University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign A.B., February, 1966


Courses Taught

Comparative Government: Theory and Method; Comparative Democracy; Chinese Government and Politics; Southeast Asian Politics; Japanese Government and Politics; Political Development; Third World Politics; Political and Social Transformation in Central America and the Carib­bean; Cuban Government and Politics

International Politics: International Relations; Revolution in Asia; International Relations in Asia; U.S. Policy in the Caribbean

Women's Studies: Introduction to Women's Studies in the Social Sciences; Research Issues and Methods in Women's Studies

American Government: Introduction to American Government; Issues in Contemporary American Political Life; American Political Economy