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Kendra Calhoun

Assistant Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Recent Publications

Franz, H., Hudley, A. C., King, R. S., Calhoun, K., Miles-Hercules, D., Muwwakkil, J., Edwards, J., Duffie, C. A., Knox, D., Lawton, B., & Merritt, J. H. (2022). The Role of the Graduate Student in Inclusive Undergraduate Research Experiences. Pedagogy, 22(1), 121-141.

Calhoun, K., Hudley, A. H. C., Bucholtz, M., Exford, J., & Johnson, B. (2021). Attracting Black students to linguistics through a Black-centered Introduction to Linguistics course. Language, 97(1), e12-e38.

Calhoun, K. N. (2020). Blackout, Black Excellence, Black Power: Strategies of Everyday Online Activism on Black Tumblr. In A. McCracken, A. Cho, L. Stein, & I. Neill Hoch (Eds.), a tumblr book: platform and cultures University of Michigan Press.

Calhoun, K. (2019). Vine Racial Comedy as Anti-Hegemonic Humor: Linguistic Performance and Generic Innovation. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology, 29(1), 27-49.

Calhoun, K. N. (2016). Six seconds to talk back: The emergence of racial comedy as a sociopolitical discourse genre on Vine. AoIR Selected Papers of Internet Research, 6.

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