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Interested in people (past, present, or future)? Then anthropology is your subject. If people are involved, we study it! 
Our Undergraduate Program in Anthropology attracts a lively group of thoughtful, committed, and creative students. 
For majors, we offer two formal “tracks” that are registered on the official UIUC transcript: a “general” track (that includes courses in the four major subfields of cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, archaeology, and linguistic anthropology), and a sociocultural/linguistic anthropology track.
Both tracks contain numerous informal ways to specialize in a specific region of the world, and/or specific topics.
Many of our courses offer credit toward the LAS and campus-wide General Education requirements.
Every major completes a Capstone Project, guided by one of our departmental faculty members. This involves at least a full semester of research and writing; qualified seniors may complete a two-semester Honors Thesis, allowing them to graduate with Distinction. In April we offer an Annual Senior Capstone Project Conference at which our seniors are invited to present their work at a professional-style conference on campus. Our majors have undertaken projects investigating topics ranging from college women’s body images to the management of stigmatized identity among atheists; from musical practices among the ancient Maya to the genetic study of the peopling of the Americas; and well beyond.
For qualified majors, we offer membership in our local Mu branch of Lambda Alpha, the national anthropology honors society. The society offers scholarships, publication opportunities, national networking, prestige, and a special Lambda Alpha stole and tassle to display proudly at graduation.
For other students, we offer a minor, with fewer course requirements spread across the four disciplines.
And for all students pursuing majors in any discipline, we offer an endlessly compelling array of courses on topics ranging from Contemporary Social Issues (ANTH 160) and Food, Culture, and Society (ANTH 209) to Forensic Science (ANTH 246), Ancient Cities, Sacred Land (ANTH 277), and Climate Chance and Civilization (ANTH 278).
Whether you plan to pursue a career in medicine, law, or business; in education or NGO work; in the US or abroad; in the foreign service or the private sector – Anthropology has a fresh perspective on the world. Try one of our courses and explore your passion!


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