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Department of Anthropology

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Rebecca M. Stumpf Phd

Center for African Studies

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Research Interests

Reproductive strategies

Sexual selection

Social and sexual development

Primate behavioral endocrinology

Microbe-host interactions

Evolution of mating systems

Evolutionary mechanisms

Primate evolution




  • Primates in Perspective, 2nd Edition. Ed. Christina J. Campbell, Agustin Fuentes, Katherine C. MacKinnon, Simon K. Bearder, and Rebecca M. Stumpf. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011.

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Works in Progress

  • Diet drives specific taxa, while phylogeny acts more broadly in vervets fed a western diet (submitted). CJ. Yeoman, G Cerda, AJ Jasinska, J Danzy Cramer, ME Berg Miller, A Gomez, M Torralba, M Gillis, T Turner, BA Wilson, RM Stumpf, KE Nelson, SR Leigh, BA White