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Lisa J Lucero Ph.D.

ANTHROPOLOGY; Affiliated Faculty of Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Professor of Medieval Studies
Center for Global Studies

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Research Interests

Climate change and society, the ancient Maya, rise and fall of complex polities, ritual


  • Ph.D., UCLA, 1994

Distinctions / Awards

  • AAAS Fellow



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Book Contributions

  • "Water Control and the Emergence of Polities in the Southern Maya Lowlands: Evolutionary, Economic, and Ecological Models." Cooperation and Collective Action: Archaeological Perspectives. 2013.
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Journal Articles

  • Lucero, Lisa J., Roland Fletcher, and Robin Coningham. "From “Collapse” to Urban Diaspora: The Transformation of Low-Density, Dispersed Agrarian Urbanism." Antiquity 89.347 (2015): 1139-1154. 13 Oct. 2015.
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