Professor Emeritus

In all of my research since the late 1940s there has been a continuity of focus on encounters, change, mobility, and process. In my dissertation (1954) I studied Native Americans: why and how they changed, why some individuals changed more than others, who left the reservation for the city, and which aspects of culture were more persistent. In 1957 I began fieldwork in an Indonesian village among the Toba Batak of Sumatra, studying kinship, change, and urbanization in the city of Medan. My last visit to Sumatra was in 1997.

For me cultures were never static, enclosed, integrated entities but were always in process; we all enter society in the middle. Persons have active selves and select among alternative courses of action. With Victor Turner and other colleagues in the early 1980s we broke with previous anthropological paradigms in two edited volumes, The Anthropology of Experience and Text, Play and Story. Both books showed how the emerging postmodern perspective actually worked in ethnographic practice. At about the same time in the early 1980s I developed a deeper appreciation of the concept of performance and a continuing interest in narrativity and story telling. While leading a traveling study abroad program in 1983-1984, I realized that although I was an anthropologist, I encountered tourists, backpackers, and locals at every site visited. I began a systematic series of studies of tourist performances in Kenya, Ghana, Lincoln’s New Salem, Masada, Bali, and an Indonesian theme park in Jakarta. This work culminated in a 2005 book, Culture on Tour.

Although I am an emeritus and don't teach, I do meet with students and serve on dissertation committees.

Research Interests:

Cultural anthropology, tourism, interpretive anthropology, narratology, performance, processes of change, urbanization, ethnicity, Indonesia, American culture.

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Selected Publications:

See my CV for a complete list of publications.
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